MFTC Contracting LLC

About the Client:

MFTC Contracting LLC is a leading construction company in UAE. They're a part of the Mammut Group and renowned for maintaining steady, strong and flexible growth in annual volume, no matter what's the economic conditions. They're ranked among the highest in efficiently delivering turnkey projects within the designated completion dates and budget.

They guarantee an unmatched user experience by serving clients through an environment that promotes cooperation and teamwork among the best architects and engineers who are experienced in constructing buildings of modern styles using cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas.


Since MFTC Contracting's early beginnings in 2014, the company has been quickly and effectively expanding aided by the durability of their provided services, the competency of their team and clients' trust. To support their strategy in expanding forward, the client wanted to combine their capabilities with marketing material customized for the builder industrial market. 

Both the management and UCT realized that this won't be an easy task due to the company's tendency to provide the newest technologies and methods. This requires the marketing material to convey the client's message in promoting the flexibility of modern design-build approaches such as pre-engineered buildings without having the reader lost in unnecessary details.


With a heavy experience record in marketing for contractors and construction companies, the experts at UCT put together a unique company profile that displays MFTC's efficient and cost-effective construction methods while focusing on the importance they give to client communication.

To ensure achieving positive results, we've made sure to underline MFTC's abilities to take on projects of any size or nature. The images used clearly show the client's passion for building in a balanced combination of expertise, quality, integrity, and leadership.


Our efforts were crowned when market studies reported an acceleration in the MFTC growth rate. The created profile lived up to the MFTC reputation as one of the fastest growing companies in the region. With the profile focusing on direct marketing and promotional material, the result allowed the company to enter new markets, domains and communities.

We take pride in our success in delivering the MFTC message. We admit it wasn't an easy task to summarize such a comprehensive client, but our experience in catering to a variety of related customers' requirements gave us a great advantage.

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