Al Dukkan

Al-Dukkan (Branding)

Al-Dukkan is an online wholesale application that provides grocery items in Dubai and its suburbs. Supply your home with what you need without having to leave the house.

 Knowing that all competitive businesses need to stay updated with the new lifestyles and trends, they decided to renew their brand identity to stay relevant in a fast-paced moving world. Their choice to choose UCT turned out to be the right call.

UCT came up with a new concept to fit Al-Dukkan’s vision to stay updated with new events. The final results were nothing but satisfying for Al-Dukkan’s management and its effects was clear of the name of the brand.

Al-Dukkan (Mobile Application)

After completing their new brand identity, Al-Dukkan started thinking about the next step, a mobile application.

Being fully satisfied with the previous result, Al-Dukkan chose UCT to develop the application.

UCT developers stuck to the website’s identity and delivered a twin application integrated with Al-Dukkan database.

The application had great success with the users and the local market.