Nasser Abdulla Lootah Group (NAAR)

About the client

Nasser Abdulla Lootah group (NAAR) is at the forefront of the UAE’s textile and garment manufacture. Through innovation, accuracy and responsibility, they manage every stage of the production from design, sourcing and prototype to manufacturing, shipping and quality control. NAAR possesses the full capacity to develop and manage brands, backed up by experience and a robust network of logistics.

The Challenge

With over 30 years of experience in the market, several stores and factories spread across five countries, the bar was set very high in terms of the quality of the design and content that NAAR required for their company profile. A main requirement of the profile was to also present their business information, values and experiences in a manner that wouldn’t be just a list of bullet points to go through. This was specially requested by NAAR from UCT when they first got in touch, expressing that many of the samples they got were too plain and basic.

The Solution

Keeping in mind the special request made by NAAR and even more, UCT designed the unique concept they will use for the profile. They presented to NAAR a sensual mix of colors, shades that provide an appealing look, and mixed blocks and sections sizes that will incorporate the written text within them. In addition to writing the information about NAAR’s history, values and services, each client they deal with was given a highlight in the profile and that section was designed with special colors, but they still were in-sync with the rest of the profile.  

The Result

The final produced profile consisted of 20 pages including the back and front covers. So it was not a lengthy profile, and this point is very important as a high percentage of readers might lose interest with long profiles. The pages all included the right amount of text to detail each section precisely.

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