Marketing tips for small business

If you have a business nowadays, you want to be online. But being online doesn’t just mean to appear in some directory or even to have a poor website with your company’s details. You must be proactive and make the most of your resources to optimize your business possibilities online. Here are a few tips to help you do this.  
  • SEO Search engine optimization is a tool that focuses on website searchability and optimizes its results by following a series of strategies. A good SEO strategy will help your business improve the reach of your website and attract visitors to your products. You can either do it yourself following tips and advice found in the internet (for instance, in Google's Webmaster Tools), or hire a company to do it for you (most marketing and advertising agencies nowadays provide this service). Search-Engine-Optimization
  • Google rank As you may know, Google is the most visited website in the world, and its rank of websites not only determines which are the best websites to visit, but also which are the most reliable ones. This is a very useful tool in order to make your website popular and thus attract visitors. You can score better in Google rank with a good SEO strategy, or you can simply follow advice from Google to do so. google-rank
  • Mobile-friendly More and more users access the internet using their mobile phones today. But mobile users, searches and content display differ significantly from their desktop counterparts. It is always a good idea to have a mobile-friendly version of your website, optimized for mobile devices and to pay special attention to mobile users. mobile-friendly
  • Social media Social networks are a very important part of the internet experience for business. Millions of users every day get connected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ to cite some examples. So your company’s presence on these networks is essential for business. Simply informing of your latest moves, any offers you may have, or engaging your visitors in contests and promotions will boost your business enormously. Social-media
  • Ads And last but not least, advertising. You can either make your website profitable by monetizing it through ads, or you can advertise your own products in other websites. There are agencies to help you do this easily, or you can choose to do it yourself with Google AdWords. make money online
  By: Helena