Kayan Royal

Kayan Royal

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Kayan Royal International General Trading LLC was established in 2020 as a private company registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Kayan Royal is a multiple specialty trading company with a main focus on international trading, wholesale, and supply of oil & fuel, minerals, food, and agriculture products worldwide.

Because of this client's wide range of services and project sectors, they were used to receiving the statement "I didn’t know you did that" a lot. To solve this issue, Kayan’s management decided that it was time to make a marketing package to re-promote their services in a more specific yet attractive manner.

Kayan entrusted UCT to be their partner in creating a new company profile. The process started with a thorough analysis of the company and its competitors and ended with a huge advantage. We've successfully delivered Kayan’s message and identified their services and capabilities in a new design that caused major positive feedback.