About the Client

Iconic Events, based in Dubai, offers integrated services covering full event management from A to Z. They create live events, organizing conferences and exhibitions that cater to individuals, businesses, fairs, festivals and hotel groups. Within each type of event service, Iconic events offers several sub-services to ensure meeting several needs and requirements.  


The Challenge

Iconic Events main’s vision is to exceed expectations and imaginations of their clients by being as “iconic” as possible with their services. Hence, when it came to developing their website, they required the website to be at least on par with their vision. So Iconic events was in the market searching for a capable marketing partner that will aid them in this task. After several meetings, and prototypes that Iconic had reviewed, the level of creativity that they were looking for was just not found and most of the templates offered to them were standard and hardly stand out. That is until they stumbled upon UCT who was able to turn the tides.

The Solution

Starting with reserving the domain name for the company, UCT was able to now ensure Iconic events their own main domain instead of a sub-domain. Moving on from there, the development team started on constructing the website from scratch for the events company and no standard format or any plagiarized material was used for the website. With close work with the client and UCT’s design and development and team, UCT finalized the pages and the blocks within the website as per the client’s requirements and made sure all incorporated designs were to their liking.

Company Profile

The Challenge

With the website development nearing completion stages, Iconic Events had also requested for a company profile to accompany the development. It was definitely a good choice to incorporate a profile into the website and also have it ready for presenting or sending across to clients that may require it. The most important factor is that the profile should not be written with the same words as the website, and instead be its own unique material, as well as incorporating an attractive design that will pull the readers to go through it.  

The Solution

The design team who worked on the profile made sure to incorporate the spirit of the company when designing its layout, colors and deciding which fonts to be included. The included information were all written by UCT’s creative content writers after thorough competitor research. UCT made sure for the profile to be as comprehensive as possible, without becoming overly lengthy. Additionally, the profile was also constructed in Arabic, with our professional writers who are native in the Arabic language, coordinated with the English writers to ensure that the content was not just lazily translated.

The Results:

Both completed works done by UCT in close collaboration with the client were not only creative, but also unique and one of a kind, specifically tailored for Iconic Events. Through the website, Iconic events was able to display their expertise and offer a portal for customers to find them and book for appoints for events managements, while the presentation offered a tool for Iconic Events to use at presentation and sending across their material whenever they are mass-marketing their services to companies.