How to Improve Online Shopping User Experience

Summer is already here! The busy holiday season with lots of things to buy is fast approaching. Yes, everyone wants to look good on your photos on the seaside or in the mountains. But how will your website handle this crazy shopping season? Here you have some juicy recommendations you have to benefit from, some marketing methods that will create a better online experience for your shoppers. First of all, you have to personalize online experience for both, a first time and a returning visitors. The most difficult is to do that with a first time visitor as still you don´t have any activity to track. But there´s one tip that may be helpful: you can identify the referring site (the previous page they came from), using their search terms you can easily start to understand what their interests can be. Welcome message on your website can be used as an email acquisition tool. Choose your target users and create this message which can include a discount and, for sure, email address capture. You won´t believe your eyes how the engagement and drive conversions will increase. online shopping experience welcome When talking about a returning visitor, the things are not that complicated. Even an anonymous visitor can be identified as a return visitor. Look, how it works. When they visit your website, you can see that and recognize them as “anonymous visitor XXX”. Moreover, you are informed about the clicks they made the last time they visited your page. What does it mean? It´s not an absolutely “anonymous visitor” for you any more, you have some data about them. Don´t take your time to present them personalized language and offers focused on the product they were interested in the last time. That´s how you start improving your chances of making this visitor your client: by simply showing them what they want. Welcome Back message – include messages based of their past behavior (a personalized coupon or discounts for a specific item your visitor was interested in). They don´t have to forget aboutyou. But, please, don´t be annoying. Guide your visitors and help them create better customer experience: geolocation can help you (use a banner with the nearest store location, for example). Promote store openings, sales or organize events for your clients and promote them as well. Someone has visited your website but they don´t act. What is your reaction? Ask them is they need any help via live chat, create a sense of urgency because only today, only now you have these incredible discounts and free shipping. guide visitors Don´t lose a client when they already have items in their shopping cart, offer a deep discount while they are on your page. This tactic will decrease abandonment.

Mobile shopping experience

You have already engaged you website shoppers. What about mobile shopping users? Transact with them as well, cover all the customers across multiple devices. The keyword here is the same: personalization, but it´s different. For instance, a customer can make a specific order while in traffic, present their phone, make the payment (or use mobile wallet which is even easier) and get their order without having to wait in a line or whatsoever. Moreover, Deloitte estimates smartphone influence on department store sales to grow from up to 27% by 2016: so for every $1 that you spend on mobile, it is influencing $13 in store sales. I think it´s necessary for us to deliver an exceptional mobile experience. mobile shopping In a world dominated by the internet and mobile phones, we don´t have the right to forget that the shoppers seek for excitement and engagement which we can provide to them via this new technology. More and more shoppers nowadays prefer to find product info on their mobile internet, check reviews, and search for comparative prices. That´s why mobile optimized sites  are critical for brands that want to retain customers. And they didn´t make us wait. Because of the visible high traffic flows from mobile, the majority of retailers already has mobile-optimized sites (IAB survey: 74% of the top 50 retailers). mobile shopping website Multi-channel shoppers are more valuable than single channel shoppers, in every aspect: shopping frequency and basket value. It is one of the vital questions to verify whether the person browsing your company´s mobile site is a new customer or the same one. And then it´s quite important to have this mobile customer an active social  networks user to share your ads and information at no additional cost for you. Don’t let your customers have a mediocre shopping experience this hot and awesome summer. They should find what they are looking for. Just help them a little bit, guide them through this boring buying process, add behavior-based web personalization into your holiday marketing mix. And don´t forget to have online presence  everywhere: on all your customers´ devices.   BY: lia