How To Create Popular Blog With Keyword Research, Heatmaps And SEO?

  Keyword research really is the first thing you should do, when you are just planning to start a new website. In this case I am talking especially about blogs, since I am writing one by myself and still planning to evolve in future, get more topic ideas and continue to research my niche. One more thing which is especially important – you should know what people are searching, which keywords they are using to get good traffic from such research in advance. I really think now and in future small business websites cannot exist without a successful blog presence. Blogs are well known for ranking high in search engines because of its frequently updated content and acting like social network in return getting many backlinks, which are very highly evaluated by search engines. title-introduction-comprehensive-guide-keyword-research  

But How Keyword Research Helps To Build Good Blog?

This may be the first question you will have here, but really answer is simple – keyword research is really market research. If you have done any business plan previously you should know before starting actual business you should do inquiry, research what are your competitors, how profitable niche is and just then start to take next step to actual action. I must admit I didn’t do any research when I started my blogging career, I just found several design blogs and slowly researched whole design community. But as this post will evolve, you’ll see how much I was missing without doing any research. Essentially if you know your market, you know everything and that’s where Keyword Research takes place.

How To Create Popular Blog With Keyword Research And Advantages

To create a summary, let’s write down pros you’re getting by doing keyword research:
  • Find out how many people are interested in topic you are writing to and what are they searching for the most;
  • Find related keywords people are using in your niche;
  • Find out which products and services you can review;
  • Research keywords for post ideas and find out what language are your visitors speaking in;
  • Research which keywords are your competitors using and why they are/are not successful;
  • Research related websites in your niche to market your site;
  • Finally if you do all (or just some of them) of those actions in smart way you will be really successful with search engines!
As you may see just by doing little research you can find out almost everything about market you are interested in, what keywords you should use, which topics people would want to read, which services would be worth reviewing and how big competition is in your niche. Note those research tool results still are not very accurate, but through comparing keyword results you can get good insight in your niche however. I would strongly recommend to do keyword research regularly, in the same time using and implementing your observations in titles and keywords. Taking such actions research how successful your keywords are, how appropriate such tool results are and I promise you’ll be just doing better and better in future!

Six Part Series To Keyword Research And SEO For Better Search Engine Results

While writing this article I understood it will be better if I separate posts giving you introduction – sharing at first those free keyword research tools. I will give also small introduction to them and finally I will lead you through my research, showing how I am focusing on keywords in titles and articles through my research. Currently Google search engine is my top 1 traffic source delivering more than 100,000 unique visits monthly, which is ~3,500 unique visits daily. Consider this and few next articles as little overview behind the scenes – I will show how I am choosing my keywords and doing my research. If you will be interested I will evolve topic also telling you how and why my top 8 traffic source is from images.google.com doing just simple regular steps. Finally I will also use heat map to look at my own blog tracking and researching where my visitors click the most and why it is important as well as content in above the fold. Quote from Wikipedia
“Above the fold” is a graphic design concept that refers to the location of an important news story or a visually appealing photograph on the upper half of the front page of a newspaper. Most papers are delivered and displayed to customers folded up, meaning that only the top half of the front page is visible. Thus, an item that is “above the fold” may be one that the editors feel will entice people to buy the paper. Alternatively, it reflects a decision, on the part of the editors, that the article is one of the day’s most important. By extension, the space above the fold is also preferred by advertisers, since it is the most prominent and visible even when the newspaper is on stands.
I really hope you will enjoy these articles, evaluate advices and finally help to improve these articles with your own suggestions and experience.

Yes, I am hoping you will participate in these series, suggesting your own tips and experiences by emailing me or adding comments. If there will be enough people participating, I am thinking about one more article with title: Readers Participating: Keyword Research Experience And More SEO Tips.

I will quote your suggestion and you will get a link back to your site like this – Quote from Dainis Graveris. Series coming up:
  1. Free Keyword Research Tools – Comprehensive Insight
  2. How I do keyword research – Behind the Scenes Overview
  3. Why And How Heatmaps Improve Your Blog?
  4. How To Optimize Images For Search Engines?
  5. Above The Fold – What Every Web-Designer Should know?
  6. Readers Participating: Keyword Research Experience And More SEO Tips