Facebook Maintains Social Login Dominance, Slips Slightly In Mobile

Third-quarter data from Gigya shows Facebook with a 58% share overall; it had 62% in mobile, a drop of 2 percentage points.

Facebook continues to be the top choice for people who use social services to sign on to websites and mobile devices, according to third-quarter data from customer management firm Gigya.

Increasing three percentage points over the previous quarter, Facebook’s share is 58%, more than double second-place Google, which dropped three percentage points to 24%. Facebook is up seven percentage points this calendar year.

“The social network’s updates to Facebook Login earlier this year seem to be making a positive impact on Facebook identity across the web,” Gigya said in a release, “with users now able to select the data they share with sites and apps with line-by-line controls.”

However, it’s not totally clear that Facebook has momentum on this front. Gigya’s results run somewhat counter to data from Janrain, a social share tool competitor. Janrain’s third-quarter results show a Facebook lead that hasn’t budged much this year, a 46%-34% Facebook advantage, compared to 45%-35% at the beginning of 2014.

Also Gigya’s data shows Facebook slipping slightly on mobile — two percentage points to 62% — while Google gained three percentage points to 28%.

And Twitter, currently in the third spot for mobile logins at 6% according to Gigya, threw some more uncertainty into the mix this week, announcing Digits, a sign-on alternative that enables users to register for sites and apps with their mobile phone numbers.

Digits, offered free to sites and app developers, could shake up the ecosystem, especially in the developing world where mobile phones are the primary way for people to connect with the Internet.

You can read more about the report in the Gigya blog. Here is Gigya’s Q3 results infographic: