E-commerce online marketing

The first thing that must be clear for anyone that whatever business we are running on the internet is this: business. If we set out from this requisite, we’ll have more winning possibilities, the same thing would happen to a serious company: real or online. It’s not enough having clear your aims, you also must think of an online strategy in order to be one of the winner companies: marketing. You have a wide range of tools available that will allow your business to be successful on the internet, meaning that its number of sales will be impressive. In this case you can differentiate two phases depending on the main purpose. The first one would be getting in touch with potential clients and for them to know your products or your services. The second one would concentrate on contacting with those clients and achieving them to become real clients. e-commerce online marketingFor the first phase, you have a very powerful tool – search engines. Think that approximately 70% of the visits that you will achieve in your e-commerce will get to you through Google, that’s why positioning is so very important. The user looks only on the first pages that the search engine shows him/her when he/she looks for a product, so those are the companies that get the most sales. So, in this case, the marketing task is to achieve for the website to be between the first results always. In other words, better positioning equals more visits. Apart from this, you should take into account paid advertisement. Depending on your product and on who are your clients, you’ll work with Google AdWords or with Facebook advertisement. Both are the best in their field and you’ll have to use one or another according to the marketing strategy that you have come up with. For the second phase there are the 2.0 tools, with special emphasis in social networks like Twitter and Facebook, since they will help you find your potential clients through a simple and easy way as a click and keep in touch with them. This will make your company more prestigious and will also gain trust and making sure your potential clients will bet on you and your products or services. e-commerce virtual mobile storeOn the other hand, you have newsletters that always work when you have a rich data base and this must always be done with the permission of the user. There’s no worse company that gets your e-mail without asking your permission, being as the vast majority of mailboxes will send their message to Spam and the potential client will never get the information. Therefore, you must send newsletters only to the users that explicitly gave their permission to use their e-mail. Newsletters are perfect for notifying your clients about your new offer, promotions and latest news. By: silvia