Azbil Corporation

About the client

Since their inception in 1906, Azbil (formerly Yamatake) has built a core of measurement and control technologies to maintain its position at the forefront of Japan's automation industry.

They're a leading manufacturer and supplier of Building Management Systems, Advanced Industrial Automation Systems, and Factory Automation Systems. Over their long history, they have built a sterling reputation for providing optimum solutions in Industrial, Factory and Building Automation.


It was a major milestone for such a venerable company to come to the UAE. Soon after settling in this new area of operations, Azbil felt the dire need to create a customized marketing and introductory material tailored for the new clients and markets they've recently started engaging with.

UCT takes pride in suggesting the solutions that won Azbil's intrigue and interest. These solutions embodied in creating a genuine company profile and prequalification documents that bear Azbil's spirit and value delivered through superior quality designs.


While designing the two solutions, we've strictly followed Azbil's desire to get a fresh-faced organization concept without losing connection with their traditional aspect and long years of service.

Company Profile Development

Our expertise detailed and tuned every word and image to match Azbil's identity. During the profile's design, we've ensured that every element is compatible with Azbil's vision and what they wish to tell in this new chapter of their story.

Prequalification Document Creation

To ease Azbil's endeavor in radiating trust and demonstrating their capabilities, expertise, and qualifications to meet any demand no matter the size or intricacy, we've equipped them with a professionally-created prequalification package to help their potential customers and authorities make faster and more convenient decisions.


Azbil were delighted with the work produced by UCT as it perfectly filled their needs. Their work with us has resulted in a successful marketing channel with tangible benefits.

Through increased customer contact, Azbil sensed that the package helped them stand out from the competition and underlined their professional and innovative aspect that draws from years and years of experience. It was a joy and a pleasure to UCT to work with Azbil and we're looking forward to more collaborations.