Check Your website rank on “Alexa” : SEO Tool

alexa   An awesome tool launched by Amazon,you can check your website rank easily “what is current and exactly rank”,Alexa is a popular source of Internet traffic statistics, because it is easy to access and to use. Most of the traffic statistics Alexa generates are sample data; that is, estimates, which according to its website literature “are based on data from [its] global traffic panel, which is a sample of millions of Internet users using one of over 25,000 different browser extensions.” Alexa also launched it’s payable service which you can see all the news from where exactly traffic is generating at the moment and how many back-links increasing Day-by-Day ranking.Means directly it help’s and guide for your website ranking. Almost people check’s own ranking on Alexa because this tools also guide for approve you Google Adsence account if ranking fast decreasing on Alexa that means your website traffic becoming more good.it also help to get rank in SEO which you can reduce your site ranking on alexa easily with proper guidance. Now Alexa is being one of the most popular site ranking tool of the world and it’s easy to check it to put your ‘URL’ on Alexa.com and see how much traffic is coming now “Means” : Bounce Rate Daily Pageviews per Visitor Daily Time on Site Who visiting your website In Gender In Education In Browsing Location Audience Geography From where city,state,country traffic generating,you can also see the flags and percent of visitors (%) and rank of the country. after this you can see the graph how much it’s increasing or how much decreasing Day-by-Day which also included the “Keywords” and get percent (%) of search traffic. Alexa also tell’s how many Back-Links you have to generate and show’s how much your website has been popular. Alexa show’s what is your website speed after to be rank your website and if it’s slow alexa give’s Alert to you need to do more work on your website. It’s must to know about Alexa,if you want to get rank on your website and you must need to check daily for your website ranking with hard work.