ARM Investment

ARM Investment

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ARM Investment was established in 2018 to manage portfolios with a commitment to due diligence and risk controls. The firm creates a collaborative investment strategy where its mission is single-minded: Focused on providing objective, customized advice. They specialize in providing independent assessments and exclusive investment recommendations for their client portfolios. ARM’s clients rely upon them to successfully navigate the range of financial goals they seek to attain.

As one of the foremost investment companies, the management didn't feel right to suffice with an obsolete company profile where the design doesn't reflect ARM’s professional structure and the content doesn't match the enormous pace of their development

ARM Investments addressed UCT with the problem. After various collaboration sessions between us and their highly qualified multinational experts, UCT managed to turn their obsolete profile into a true work of art that reflects their maximum commitment to work implementation, a global network of connections, and their expansion towards more regions.

ARM’s decision to choose UCT among dozens of competitors turned out to be the right choice. The material we designed was the missing piece ARM has been searching for to complete its investment efforts in the region.