Adequate link building practices

One of the most important things in search engine optimization today is link building. Google uses an algorithm that measures a website’s relative importance by the amount of links it has. Therefore, an adequate link building will give you a higher ranking in searches, thus attracting more traffic to your website. A good strategy is essential to a good link building, and you must take into account things like keywords or methodology. You can use Google suggestions or AdWords keywords feature to find out what are the main words used in your field of business, so that you can address them and provide users with what they are looking for. link building Despite being very straightforward, we must ensure that we are using the right methodology to build links. Two-way links used to be important, but since the way search engines treat them has changed, it’s not anymore. So it doesn’t matter that the web you’re linking to doesn’t link you in return, as long as your link to them is well done. Also, social networking (Twitter, Google +, Facebook…), forums and article directories function also as a technique of building links for your website. You need to analyse your website needs and make a use of links accordingly.

How to make proper linking

Here are some tips to make a proper linking in your website: Only insert relevant links: If your links do not provide relevant information, do without them. Insert links in relevant words: Be careful with where you are inserting the link. It’s better to insert it in a text that is short and descriptive than in “click here” or a very long sentence. For instance, if you are talking about a book, it’s better to insert the link in the name of the book. Links aren’t essential: Links provide further information, they shouldn’t be needed to understand the text. Keep linking to a minimum: If you provide a lot of links, the reader will be lost amid so much information and will not know what to follow. Provide only relevant links. Do not alter or hide your links: Readers should be given transparency in linking. Don’t hide adverts in them or use plugins like Snap.com.     By: Helena