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UCT's social responsibility 50% COVID19 Discount

As part of our social responsibility to our society, UCT's team operates fully online taking preventive measures. Also, UCT announces 50% discount on all “Go Online” program solutions & services mentioned above starting from 15th April until 15th of May 2020, to help our clients in their Digital Transformation process smoothly, easily and efficiently within the minimum needed budget.

Why any company needs to “GO ONLINE”?

When well fulfilled, digital transformation benefits a business by opening new markets, introducing new clients, making the company operation more efficient and better aligned with customer expectations. It will shorten billing time, allowing for faster secondary procedures and thus more focus on primary tasks while opening new opportunities for any company.

Satisfy the still-strong hunger for information, connection, education, marketing, and networking that customers, technology providers, individuals, and organizations of all types so desperately still need.

UCT’s Solutions/Services included in the “GO ONLINE” Program

Vast range of services that include: Live-chat Solutions, Digital Company Profile, Digital Business Presentation, ERP & CRM Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Full Responsive Website Development, Web & Mobile Applications, Project & Task Management Solutions, etc.

UCT Digital Transformation Consultancy Services

UCT provides Digital Transformation consultancies to help companies and enterprises in achieving the “GO ONLINE” process smoothly, quickly, and efficiently within the minimum needed budget, Empowering all company resources for sustainable transformation.

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For your safety and as part of our social responsibility, UCT is extending the “GO ONLINE” 50% Discount to help businesses set up their operations fully online. Digital Transformation, the new normal. Contact us and get started

UCT Services/Solutions

Live Chat Solutions

Your target market is online 24/7! Show your customer your care, it’s your job to keep them satisfied with any concern or inquiry in a speedy, hassle-free and reliable way.

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Digital Company Profile

It is very important to communicate your brand in a dependable, unique way. Red Ideas will put into words and content what your brand is about and what it promises.

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Corporate presentations

Planning and creating the most unforgettable and successful corporate presentations that will make you memorable

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CRM solutions

Providing a trouble-free method on what, why and how to keep customers as well as employees satisfied. We value relations very much

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ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning – sounds complicated but it actually makes everything easier. From planning to execution to results, everything can be evaluated as easy as 1,2,3.

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E-commerce solutions

Convert brand presence to sales. Accessible, sociable and user-friendly is the core of an effective e-commerce. Make your target market easily find you anytime and anywhere.

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Social Networking Solutions

Build your own pool of online (and offline) followers, networks that has the same goals and interests as your brand. Make market connections that lasts

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Increase your brand visibility through right keywords and drive your target market to your site

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Email Marketing

Be more creative and broad. Reach your target market, through campaigns, brand launch, invites, coupons, e-letters, online magazines and other that will surely find regularly when opening their emails

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Website Design

Don’t be satisfied on what’s fine or on what’s okay. It’s time to take your web presence to a superior, better and more attractive existence

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Mobile Applications Development

Know what makes a mobile app stand out and last? Habitual.
Make your brand become a habit of everyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Web development

You have to be noticeable in order for you to standout. So from your website to your web presence, you have to be subtle but still pleasing in the eyes.

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Project Management Solutions

Make everything work for your brand and its followers. Providing perspectives and result-driven solutions to everyday challenges

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Online Branding

Branding is the core of everything your company is about. You have to ensure you communicate your brand the right way to be recognised in the market

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360° Panoramic view Catalogue

Online presence and print campaigns are not anymore restricted to standard paper sizes. Allow your brand to be communicated in an extensive, widespread and creative way through Panoramic photographs, virtual tours and so much more

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Digital Catalogue

Allow your brand, products and services be presented in a 3D experience. Innovate catalogues to become not just content on paper but photo spreads, video presentations, lookbooks and so much more

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Online Reputation Management ORM

Managing ethical content to effectively respond to customer complaints or inquiries, pho-to/content management and the likes

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Web Hosting

Put your brand in the world wide web with unlimited data and content to make your presence effective, accessible and secured.

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