The Virtual Mall of Dubai

Market: Dubai
Main Challenges: Virtul platform, Multiple buyers, multiple sellers, order and payment handling
Philosophy: Making it easy for sellers to sell online in Virtual Mall

Client Requirments

Client was looking for a robust and reliable solution that would require creating an in-store experience online with a multi-store deployment. The user interface design required to include cutting-edge E-commerce functionality and ensure the flexibility to grow with the demands of the industry and market.

Business Directory solution Development in Dubai

The Challenge

The Virtual Mall of Dubai is dynamic idea by client and was looking to develop a solution that integrates online shopping experience with virtual mall.
In the first step shop owners can come and book a shop on different floors of virtual mall and can list their products under their own specific store or brand name and show the virtual tour of their physical shop.
This will create a tangible effect and will deliver physical shopping experience to visitors like they are visiting any shopping mall physically.
In the second step client was looking to develop a solution where visitors can come buy products from different shops in one order and website collect order and payments, forwarder order to each seller, track delivery from different sellers, and release payment to the each seller who is supplying product in that particular order after deducting a fee.
Unlike tradition ecommerce websites, it excludes the requirements of having your own website, hosting, technology, payment gateway, accounting software and other headaches.

The Solution

After extensive research and analyzing different solutions, the ideal solution becomes clear: The Virtual Mall of Dubai needed to utilize the full potential of the modules and features available in Drupal.
Target was achieved by implementing and customizing different modules. This modular structure allows features to be added / removed without damaging the site.
This solution gives a complete ecommerce website to any shop owner within The Virtual Mall of Dubai and allows sellers to customize all of the options about products, shipping, payments, etc.


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