Business Directory Solution Requirements

Client was looking for solution to build a membership based business directory where companies can sign up and list their services, products, contact details and create other pages under their company profile.
Client was also looking to integrate banner and text advertisement with different options to track impressions and clicks.


The most challenging part of this project was to import the list of 300,000 companies which client already have and this data was not in unified format.
First step was to process that data and craft into proper format with some automated way and second step was to import this data, categories and other information related to companies and third step was to send email to all companies with their login detail and company listing URL so that companies can login to directory and change their information as needed.

Business Directory solution Development in Dubai


After analyzing client's requirements and considering alternatives such as WordPress, or smaller framework, Drupal was chosen as technology stack for this project because of the scalability of this project, efficient data handling and vibrant community of Drupal.
We suggest using core functionality of this open source solution with some other contributed modules and some custom coding as needed.


We use different caching strategies to speed up anonymous traffic, Memory Cache integration for database queries and cache tables.
SEO is very important for this site, since it is focused largely on getting in new clients through organic search engine traffic. We used different modules for SEO, including: Google Analytics, Meta tags, Page Title, Redirect and XML Sitemap.


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