How to Send Marketing Material to a Potential Client



Marketing material can be very persuasive when advertising to new clients. However, getting your message in front of the right person takes preparation and legwork; particularly with large companies. The way you send marketing material to a potential client may make the difference between getting a new contract or losing a valuable opportunity.



Research your potential client before marketing for new business. Familiarize yourself with the goals, products, services and overall tone of the company. Thorough research gives you the insight necessary to develop a marketing strategy that addresses their needs.

  • Study their Web site. Pay special attention to the company’s Mission Statement, About page and any biographical information regarding executive management.
  • Investigate links to corporate or executive blogs and social media pages. Subscribe to updates. This can be a good place to make initial contact, but keep comments light and conversational, and read extensively before making any remarks.

Prepare a brief explanation of who you are and what product or service you provide.



Call the company and request contact information for the decision maker you should call. Before you send marketing material to a potential client, you must target the right recipient. Sending advertising to potential clients is useless if the wrong person receives your materials.




Contact the decision maker about the products and services you have to offer.

  • Briefly explain you who you are and what you do. Be courteous, professional and friendly. Remember that you’re making an unscheduled cold call and have interrupted this person’s workday. Be respectful of their time.
  • Offer information or a sample of your product and ask if they would be interested in taking a look. (The purpose of the call is not to attempt a sale, but rather to make contact and pique interest. Keep the conversation brief unless prolonged by the other party.)
  • Schedule an appointment to bring your materials and to answer any questions. If the decision maker is reluctant to arrange a meeting, offer to mail or to drop off the items for review at their convenience.
  • Thank the person for their time. End the conversation on a friendly note and promise to be in touch soon.



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    Package your materials in an interesting manner that will catch the recipient’s attention.

    • Put brochures and leaflets in a binder or heavyweight presentation folder. Find one with business card slits and enclose your contact information. The cover should be free of writing and graphics unless you have a professional folder bearing your business logo. Other options include clear covers, or covers bearing a front pocket for a leaflet insert.
    • Enclose a small sample of your product or a giveaway item bearing your logo.
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    Hand deliver the items to the decision maker if possible. Meeting in person gives you an opportunity to discuss your company and the products or services you provide. It is a more effective way to get new clients than having them look over your materials alone.

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    If you’re required to drop off or mail the items, add a brief, handwritten note with your name and phone number. Offer to answer any questions and indicate you’ll be in touch soon. Always use fresh packaging, mail First Class and ensure you have sufficient postage.


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