Helpat is a listing service for home service providers in the UAE. At Helpat, they provide various on-demand services that simplify clients’ everyday living. We are a dynamic team with just one passion: to give clients a little bit of help in checking off just about everything on their to-do lists.

The Challenge:

Helpat knew that to be a part of the competitive Emirati business they need an eye-catching brand identity, and to get the right exposure they need an application to deliver their business view and goals properly. They approached UCT to handle this problem.

The Solution:

After extensive research of the company’s background and views, UCT’s design team was able to deliver a new identity that reflects Helpat goals to be the market’s number 1 home service provider.

The application was another story; UCT’s developing team developed 2 applications for Helpat. A provider app and another one for the average user. The user app has search and review features to browse businesses and rate them according to their quality of service. The provider app has more statistical features that show the business owner statistics about how many times they appeared in the search, also they can add contact info for more personal interaction with the client. In addition, many more great features.

This new launching of Helpat helped them to be one of the big competitors in this field of business.