As the name clearly says, BuylikesDubai is a platform for buying likes and followers for social media accounts. BuyLikesDubai offers likes and followers from real people, not bot-generated ones.  BuyLikesDubai promotes your account and only interested people will come and like or follow your social media and they keep promoting until your request is fulfilled.

The Challenge

Being one of the top providers in the region, BuyLikesDubai sensed the need for a new look. New brand identity, and a new website.

The Solution

BuyLikesDubai approached UCT because of its reputation of delivering quality services.

BuyLikesDubai Developing a new website:

After extensive market research and competitor analysis, UCT delivered a concept for a new website and pitched it to BuyLikesDubai management. After getting the approval, UCT developing team started working on implementing the website and turning the words into actions.

The new design was a success, and the process of linking the new design with the existing API worked smoothly.

BuyLikesDubai Branding/Identity

Before starting with the website UCT design team developed a new concept for BuyLikesDubai brand. Merging their name and the services they provide with the company’s voice.

The resulting logo and website got the appreciation of BuyLikesDubai management, and the increased numbers of sales and orders were the undoubtful indicator.